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“On arrival you will immediately appreciate choosing Tanzania, with our dedicated transport to and from the airport.”.

We are local company organizing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Oldonyo Lengai Trips, Holidays in Zanzibar & different Safaris in Tanzania. We have strong experience and great team of people that guarantees the highest quality

On arrival you will immediately appreciate choosing Tanzania, with our dedicated transport to and from the airport. We are a dedicated tourism company based in Arusha Tanzania. We thrive on providing the best experience to our customer. Registered and licensed for tourism in Tanzania....


Migration Safari

The Great Wildebeest Migration - the annual migration of giant herds of grazers across Northern Tanzania and Kenya is a truly spectacular event.

Over two million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles move through the Serengeti and Masai Mara ecosystems in search of green pasture, in a regular pattern. This is surely one of the greatest wonders of the natural world.


Tanzania Safari

Your Tanzanian adventure will give you a unique chance to see majestic elephants, mighty lions, slender antelopes, joyful zebras, stealthy cheetahs and hundreds of other animals in their natural habitat.

The unrivaled reputation of a Tanzania safaris is well-justified. Probably, the only place where the impact of civilization on the natural environment is not yet noticeable, a journey to this African country will be an ideal vacation for all those, who want to explore the real power of the wilderness.

Tanzania is a truly breathtaking place, with approximately 38% (42,000 sq kilometers /16,000 sq miles) of its land set aside in protected areas of conservation. Tanzania contains some 20% of the species of Africa mammal population on its 17 National parks, 29 Game Reserves and 40 Controlled Conservation Areas and Marine Parks. Wildlife resources in Tanzania are described as “without parallel in Africa” and “the prime game viewing country.”

Tanzania Rift valley Safaris Limited a dedicated and fully licensed tourism company with it’s headquarter in Arusha Tanzania, provide you a full travel package to any and/or all tourism attraction locations in Tanzania.


Trekking & Safaris

Below are some of our packages, we also offer tailored packages depending on our client's needs

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Trekking Packages


Tanzania Rift valley safaris Ltd organises treks to the highest peak of Africa, the Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru climb, holiday tour in Zanzibar and great safari tours to the wilderness of Tanzania. Our destination experts understand the preferences, choice, time and budget to plan out the customized the safari destination and itinerary for those who have zeal to explore wilderness.

Safari Tours & Packages
We are among the licensed tour operators in Tanzania that strive to make your tourism experience on top. Our guides turn your safari tour into the best lifetime-experience and offer luxurious accommodation within your budget that you would treasure forever.

We take you to experience the great wildebeest migration safari in Tanzania that’s called the 8th wonder of the world. You’ll witness lakhs of zebras, elephant and buffaloes crossing the region by making a magnificent view. You can explore the big fives in the famous landscapes of Masai Mara and Serengeti in Tanzania.

We offer the best Mount Kilimanjaro climbing affordable tours to adventure-enthusiasts and don’t mind going the extra mile to offer optimum comfort during your journey. We are committed to providing you with the transport right from the airport and complete travel packages to explore nature’s gifts and wilderness in Tanzania.