Pemba Island

Pemba Island Budget Holiday Tours

Pemba Island is 50 kms north of Zanzibar and is famous for its spices and coconuts. Isolated from Arab and then European colonization, it has remained completely untouched and unspoiled by any modern development. This sleepy island is an ideal place for a honeymoon or just to relax and unwind. For the more energetic, Pemba is listed as one of the top diving locations in the world. It has without doubt some of the clearest water in the world and most beautiful reefs. Although part of the Zanzibar archipelago, Pemba is a destination in and of itself with numerous surrounding islands and islets spread all along its coast. Pemba has some of the world’s best diving and fishing and because it is not as traveled as its more famous neighbor, Zanzibar, it is that much more pristine. Tanzania Rift Valley Safaris Ltd offers a tailor-made Pemba Island Budget Holiday Tours.

The island is also dotted with ruins dating to the 7th century, when Arab traders built permanent mosques to spread Islam. Pemba has been an important trading center along the Swahili coast for 3,000 years and once played a major role in trade with Persian Gulf countries and India.

Tailor-made Pemba Island Safaris:

Pemba Island is one of the best tourist spots for couples and families to enjoy a relaxing vacation on the east coast of Africa. The island is the harbour of natural treasure and cultural mix of the locals. It draws the wanderlust travellers from around the world to gather and spend an enjoying holiday to quench their thirst of luxurious holiday and cherishing experiences. We offer the Pemba Island budget holiday tours that will enhance your travel experience.

Utmost comfort:
You can indulge in wellness activities and take a natural bath to feel the utmost comfort and spend a rejuvenating time. A number of aquatic activities and float on water to make your trip fun-filled and adventurous. The island offers plethora of adventurous activities to immerse yourself into the culture of Tanzania. You can close your eyes and listen to the sound of waves and feel the serene and calm state of mind.

Luxury with peace:
The natural food, crustal clear water and exclusive hotels to spend an amazing time with your friends and family is the best way to take a break from your busy lives. This trip to the Pemba is everything you need including the calmness, simplicity and luxury to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. The place is a sure gem that will help you disconnect to the outer world and come closer to the nature.

The warm Indian Ocean waters surrounding Pemba Island are home to thousands of species of tropical fish and exotic marine life. Pemba is renowned not only for its pristine and un-spoilt coral reefs but also for its vertical coral cliffs, which plummet to depths of more than 800 meters. Underwater visibility often reaches 40 meters or more. Looking over the precipice of some of the outer walls can be a mind-blowing experience. Watch out for the vertigo! There is a stunning wreck dive available to the south of Pemba Island at Panza, which is home to large groupers and Napoleon wrasse.

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