Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South-East it comes from and – as Joe Studwell shows – how destructive it can be. Asian Godfathers. Joe Studwell. longlist Studwell argues that greed, corruption and excess were partly responsible for the crisis and that Asia’s tycoons. Compre o livro Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia na : confira as ofertas para por Joe Studwell ( Autor).

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. However, it still gives a good historical account on some of the rich and famous tycoon in Asia. Combines brilliant commentary and analysis with rarely seen moderation in argument and perspectives. He is author of The China Dream.

Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia

How to be a godfather 1 Get in character. There’s nothing wrong with the diagnosis that SE Asia prospered because of the deployment of labor and not any meaningful increases in productivity Viet Nam is not mentioned, for obvious reasons. Nov 02, W rated it liked it Shelves: Chudori Pulang in Indonesian is a colourful and illuminating novel tracing the lives of Indonesian political exiles in Paris from onwards and, several decades on, their children both there and Jakarta during the upheavals and violence of Bangkok set to sparkle Sponsored by: He has particular animus towards Lee Kuan Yew for his racialist theories and elitism and Studwell tries to debunk what he regards as the todfathers of the SE Asian Horatio Alger-type tycoons, whose successes largely owe to political corruption and government protected cartels.

It did not work for me but looking at all the great reviews; Maybe I lack something to appreciate this work. Studwell also includes Hong Kong and Singapore in his analysis. No trivia or quizzes yet.


There is only one company authorised to bring sand to Hong Kong for construction. Instead, these nations outsourced their cheap labour to foreign businesses, thereby creating the illusion of development through rapid growth, but without the emergence of indigenous global competitive companies to fall back on. Jun 26, Cui rated it really liked it. Paperbackpages. These city-states have gained the appearance of success via three avenues.

More fundamentally, Studwell questions whether the Asian godfathers have been the real driving force studwelk the region’s success and concludes that ‘it is small-scale local businesses and the hard work and thrift of ordinary Southeast Asians that have driven development’.

On the Tracks of the Great Railway Bazaar sees travel writer Paul Theroux return to the same train lines and destinations that he visited more than 30 years earlier. Where are you from? Thereafter, there is time for further administrative tasks before a 1p.

By Joe Studwell Buy online: It’s a thesis convincingly sustained as Studwell travels the region pointing out raw material concessions here, infrastructure projects there and government-granted monopolies more or less everywhere, which eliminate competition and are licences to print money. Plenty of reviews have already been written on Asian Godfathers, but it is the type of book you feel compelled to write your own on, if only to process some of the pertinent information and themes in contains, so thought-provoking are its revelations.

Provides a series of interesting factual tidbits and nuggets of gossip, but one wonders if factual robustness was diluted somewhat by the author’s confirmation bias and need to generalize things.

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Hard to believe Studwell hasn’t been taken to court for defamation by the Lees or any number of other candidates. Studwell shows that the great fortunes of HK are rooted in government regulations of the domestic economy that create inefficiencies in convenience stores, real estate, ports, etc. Only rarely, as in the case of Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra, have they directly sought political power for themselves.


You may also like. Different societies have different tradeoffs for work and pleasure, current and future consumption, etc. Nothing surprising though for anyone goefathers lives in Asia and follows what’s going on. We couldn’t help thinking of the fictionalised account of some of these families in Crazy Rich Asians ; we strongly suggest reading them in conjunction with each other.

Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and South East Asia by Joe Studwell

Chef and Thai food expert David Thompson also includes plenty of interesting history and reportage about the street food of the kingdom.

Dying alone in Japan: Is there any chance I would make these at home?

A complex mythology surrounds them, one which informs Asian views on culture, entrepreneurialism and economics. A decade later, Studwell says, very little has changed in the way these tycoons do business. Finale The politics stupid. He has done this at the risk of receiving dozens of letters from the lawyers of those he wrote about, for the information found in this book is extremely controversial and has certainly ruffled the feathers of many a Godfather, with one even having menacingly said this to the author in an interview: While the tycoons were busy with their monopolies, the real revolution propelling Asia into the world market economy was provided by competitively priced and well-made exports.