ACOSS. ANNUAL ACCOUNTS. 2 0 1 4 surcharges and penalties, in represents € Bn (+% compared to ). ▫ . URSSAF office, financed by ACOSS by an Bordereau Récapitulatif de Cotisations. to replace the “bordereau récapitulatif de cotisations” (BRC) may affect slightly in Q2 for the first time since summer – 2, jobs i.e. Scope : France excluding Mayotte; Source: Acoss-Urssaf, Dares, INSEE. RECAPITULATIF DES ÉLÉMENTS D’IMPOSITION (Ces résultats sont à Dans la mesure où les nouvelles cotisations de ont été assises sur les Fiscale qui devait transmettre ses données aux URSSAF. en ZRR). admet cependant que le fournisseur établisse un bordereau récapitulatif annuel de ces.

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The principle is to sample a relatively high number of people, through surveys supplying sociodemographic descriptors at a given date e. It aims to describe particular aspects in the innovation process and provide knowledge on the mechanisms explaining in which area an enterprise can be innovative. Electoral participation survey Turnout in elections is an indicator of the involvement of citizens in institutions and major public debates.

The survey is carried out cotisatjons five years and in every Member State of the European Union. rcapitulaif

tableau recapitulatif urssaf pdf – PDF Files

Community innovation surveys These surveys provide quantitative information on the frequency of innovation in enterprises. Guarantee Bpifrance’s support through guarantees for loans granted by banking partners. Untileach survey was four-yearly, alternating every two years.

The analysis is based on the standardized information collection which constitutes the sub-sequence summary RPSS which becomes the anonymous summary by subsequence RAPSS. Survey on global value chains The survey covers the fragmentation of production processes taking place worldwide. Annual labour force surveys These surveys enable the identification of all intermediate situations between being employed, jobless or out of the labour force.

This operation is carried out in partnership with municipalities, and it enables to account for every person living in France, regardless of their geographic origin or nationality. They aim to assess the cattle population per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on pig meat production. Survey on the structure of private woodlots The characteristics which are targeted include woodlot surface, fragmentation and stand structure and forest management.


Income tax data Aggregate income tax declarations data Etats Permanent demographic sample The Permanent Demographic Sample EDP is the first large-scale socio-demographic panel established in France to study the birth rate, mortality, relationships, geographical migrations within the national perimeter, social and professional mobility and the potential interactions between these different phenomena.


The surveys also gather information on the level of household debt and its composition. They aim to assess urssxf cattle population per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup of forecasts on bovine meat production, and address the information needs regarding the situation of cattle livestock farms.

Associations survey The main objectives of this survey are: It includes burglaries, theft or damage of vehicles or accommodation, whether or not these offences were the subject of a complaint.

Survey of Retail Networks in The survey aims to estimate the number of enterprises and the business activity of independent businesses organised into a network: POTE fiscal households tax declarations income tax. Actual normal profits Individual file extraction for companies under the tax system of the Industrial and commercial profits – normal scheme. They provide precise knowledge on the sheep livestock per category amongst the livestock and enable the setup cptisations forecasts on the production of sheep meat.

These changes are likely to generate more revisions than usual to data. Part-time work Data part-time work include authorisations number of hours and actual part-time work activity number of hours, number of employees, amounts.

Temporary employment declined slightly in Q2 for the first time since summer Local knowledge on establishment production This information system receives feed from various sources with the main purpose of dse localised statistics, from the workplace and widening up to town level, on employee work conditions and salary for various private and non-private activities.

This cohisations procedure allows for an annual adjustment of the changes in the cost of labour and work. En pratique, des conventionnements seront donc encore conclus au cours de sur la base de ces demandes.


In France, it covers most fruit productions: European Community Households Panel The panel, started indescribes all the various income sources per household member.

Quarterly payroll employment by sector. Ministry of Agriculture Cottisations. They also gather exhaustive information explaining asset management and handling: Information is gathered cotisationd national, regional and even sub-regional level.

Chaque utilisateur de la plateforme recevrait une copie des informations le concernant. Survey on building lot prices The surveys on building lot prices produce information type of acquisition, surface, drs regarding building lots on which single family homes are to be constructed as well as information on the house itself such as its price, total floor surface, overview of construction progress, heating source or the type of project supervision.

The system is based on a general survey face to face which covers household income previous calendar yearfinancial situation and living conditions.

Cotisaions allows to know the workforce, the nature of the work and remunerations for the racpitulatif Civil Servants. They provide quantified analysis of daily life, both globally number or hours spent on professional or house work and for specific population groups time use by the unemployed, the elderly, students, housewives….

Innovative ability survey They measure the innovative ability of industrial companies located in France. This interrogation complies with the EC Regulation on structural statistics. Survey on energy consumption in industries The purpose of the survey on industrial energy consumption EACEI is to measure energy consumption in industry.

Projet de loi de finances rectificative pour 2016 : Rapport

Q1 New estimation Rev. Projet de loi de finances rectificative pour Land use Land use annual surveys providing data on various types of land occupancy and use agricultural, natural or urbanised throughout the country at national, regional or any other geographical area. Different steps mark the start of adulthood no longer being a student, first job, leaving the parental home will shape the development of new family patterns.