Welsh title for a short, obscure poem of great antiquity preserved in the Book of Taliesin (13th cent.), known in English as The Battle of the Trees or The Army of. Check out Cad Goddeu (The Battle of the Trees) by Cernunnos Woods on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on . Nest is a project of fellow pianists and record label operators Otto Totland (Deaf Center / Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein).

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The Cad Goddeuwhich is difficult to translate because of its laconic allusiveness and grammatical ambiguity, was the subject of several nineteenth-century speculative commentaries and English renderings. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. There are contemporary passing allusions to the Battle of Trees elsewhere in the mediaeval Welsh collections: Through the Nightfall Grandeur by Dahlia’s Tear.

Streaming and Download help. There passed an animal with wide jaws, On it there were a hundred heads.

I played in the twilight, I slept in purple; I was truly in the enchantment With Dylan, the son of the wave. Cad Goddeu Middle Welsh: The cwd held in mind, That your wild nature was foreign.

The Witches’ Circle

Tim Powers has the protagonist of his book The Drawing of the DarkBrian Duffy, utter a few verses of the Cad Goddeu to evoke ancient beings to fight with him. The oak, quickly moving, Before him, tremble heaven and earth. A valiant door-keeper against an enenly, his name is considered. Central to the poem is the magician Gwydion’s use of a staff of enchantment to transform trees into fighting men.


Gwydion ultimately triumphed by guessing the name of one of Arawn’s men, Bran possibly Bran the Blessed. Although Cad Goddeu apparently contains implications of powers attributed to different trees, the larger meaning of the poem remains unexplicated. I have been a bill-hook crooked that cuts, I have been a ferocious spear With my chasuble and bowl I will prophesy not badly, Four score smokes On every one what will bring.

The strong-handed gleamer, his name, With a gleam he rules his numbers.

Nonetheless, the result is as fertile as each other release, with a natural embodiment of darkness and caverns unknown that is heavily present in each dusty tome from Tyrannus. When the trees were enchanted, In the expectation of not being trees, The trees uttered their voices From strings of harmony, The disputes ceased.

Forest Meditation | Cad Goddeu

Search within my subject specializations: The heath was victorious, keeping off on all sides. Let us cut short heavy days, A female restrained the din.

And a battle was contested Under the root of his tongue; And another battle there is In his occiput. I have been sponge in the fire, I have been wood in the covert. A seeker’s Guide by Thorn Moone. Although Cad Goddeu apparently contains goddeuu of powers attributed to different trees, the larger meaning of the poem remains unexplicated. The poem is set during a war between Arawn, king of Annwfn, and Amaethon, a ploughman, prompted by the latter’s theft of a white roebuck, a whelp, and a lapwing.


Marged Haycock, Celtic Linguistics: Publications Pages Yoddeu Pages.

I have been a word among letters, I have been a book in the origin. Some short lines long usually five syllables and a restand falling into several sections, the poem begins with an extended claim of first-hand knowledge of all things, in a fashion found goddfu in the poem and also in several others attributed to Taliesin.

I have been a tear in the air, I have been the dullest of stars. There was a calling on the Creator, Upon Christ for causes, Until when the Eternal Should deliver those whom he had made. Print Save Email Share. In the Mabinogi story of the childhood of Lleu Llaw GyffesGwydion makes a forest appear to be cax invading force.