RFC (part 1 of 5): Extensible Authentication Protocol Method for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Subscriber Identity Modules (EAP-SIM ). EAP-SIM RFC is a newly emerged EAP authentication The standard for EAP-SIM authentication is still in draft form with the IETF . but are not limited to, RFCs, the products of another standards body (e.g. 3GPP ), EAP-AKA’ AT_KDF Key Derivation Function values; Trusted Non-3GPP 12, AKA-Notification and SIM-Notification, [RFC][RFC].

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The EAP server may also include derived keying material in the message it sends to the authenticator. The mechanism also includes network authentication, user anonymity support, result indications, and a fast re-authentication procedure.

Microsoft Exchange Server Unleashed. The EAP-SIM mechanism specifies enhancements to GSM authentication and key agreement whereby multiple authentication triplets can be combined to create authentication responses and session keys of greater strength than the individual GSM triplets. Additionally a number of vendor-specific methods and new proposals exist. The protocol only specifies chaining multiple EAP mechanisms and not any specific method. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The alternative is to use device passwords instead, but then the device is validated on the network not the user.


Fall Back to Full Authentication In this document, the term nonce is only used to denote random nonces, and it is not used to denote counters.

Information on RFC ยป RFC Editor

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The GSM network element that provides the authentication triplets for authenticating the subscriber. This paper has citations. EAP is an authentication framework, not a specific authentication mechanism.

Extensible Authentication Protocol

WPA2 and potentially authenticate the wireless hotspot. The underlying key exchange is resistant to active attack, passive attack, and dictionary attack.

Key establishment to provide confidentiality and integrity during the authentication process in phase 2. Sung Ya-ChinY. This phase is independent of other phases; hence, any other scheme in-band or out-of-band can be used in the future.

Retrieved from ” https: Message Format and Protocol Extensibility Citation Statistics Citations 0 10 20 ’06 ’09 ’12 ’15 ‘ The peer has derived the same keying material, so the authenticator does not forward the keying material to the peer along with EAP-Success. Message Sequence Examples Informative If the MAC’s do not match, then the peer.

The authenticator typically communicates with an EAP server that is located on a backend authentication server using an AAA protocol. It also specifies an optional fast re-authentication procedure. The fast re-authentication procedure is described in Section 5. The version negotiation is protected by including the version list and the selected version in the calculation of keying material Section 7.


PEAPv1 was defined in draft-josefsson-pppext-eap-tls-eap through draft-josefsson-pppext-eap-tls-eap[36] and PEAPv2 was defined in versions beginning with draft-josefsson-pppext-eap-tls-eap In general, a nonce can be predictable e. The permanent identity is usually based on the IMSI. There are currently about 40 different methods defined. Used on full authentication only. The IETF has also not reviewed the security of the cryptographic algorithms. It is worth noting that the PAC file is issued on a per-user basis.

The 3rd generation AKA mechanism includes mutual authentication, replay protection, and derivation of longer session keys. Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol.

Archived from the original PDF on 12 December Pseudonym Username The username portion of pseudonym identity, i. A proxy based authentication localisation scheme for handover between non trust-associated domains Mo LiKumbesan Sandrasegaran Mobile Computing and Communications Review Because protected success indications are not used in this example, the EAP server sends the EAP-Success packet, indicating that the authentication was successful.