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Manuals and User Guides for Katronic Technologies FLUXUS ADM We have 1 Katronic Technologies FLUXUS ADM manual available for free PDF . Wall thickness measurement (option). FLUXUS ADM FLUXUS ADM Portable Ultrasonic Flow Measurement of. Liquids. Features. Rent, lease or buy the Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Flexim Fluxus ADM ) from Livingston. Request the rental price for the Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Flexim Fluxus.

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Table Of Contents Don’t have an account? All calibration data including the transducer identification and parameters is stored permanently in the transducers and is transferred to the transmitter automatically upon connection.

Positioning Of The Transducers Wtm Program Branch Measuring Measurement is therefore arm, and no process interruption is necessary for the installation.

Change To Operational Mode Wtm Extension Of Program Branch Measuring Wall Thickness Probe Da, Ht Transducer Installation In Reflection Mode Printing Of Measured Values Units Of Measurement fluxks Save Current Parameter Record Transducer Installation In Diagonal Mode Wall Thickness Measurement optional Program Branch Par Overview Program Branch Sf Overview Instrument Start-up Basics Alarm Outputs During Transducer Positioning Identification Of The Measuring Point Utility Program Flxtotxt Start Of The Measurement Parameterisation Of The Calculation Channels Operational Modes To Set-up Utility Program Movedata The status display enables even the inexperienced user to judge online the quality and precision of the measurement.


Set-up Of Other Output Options Set-up Of Alarm Properties Cluxus Of The Measuring Quantity Working With Parameter Records Heat Quantity Measurement hqm Program Information And Error Messages Selection Of The Measuring Rate Format Of The Ascii-file The user interface is adapted to the detected transducers.

Undisturbed Flow Profile Set-up Of Alarm Outputs Input Of The Correction Offsets